Weighing Scales and Equipment

We provide a wide range of weighing equipment for various applications and supply products from various manufacturers which include; Lab Balances, Bench and Floor Scales, Load Cell Weighing Systems, Hanging Scales, Over Head Track Scales for Meat processors etc. OFI can provide customised weighing solutions on request.  We are NMI accredited to provide calibration and legal verification of all classes of weighing systems.


A complete Checkweigher series is available for both standard applications and custom solutions.  Each Checkweigher utilises enhanced digital filtering to ensure each pack inspected weighs accurately and is classified correctly. Teltek have supplied countless systems to the European market for the past 30 years, and have developed the hardware as well as the software which gives more control over the various processes that are required for dynamic weighing. It is this relationship between Teltek hardware and software that guarantees best performance and unrelieved flexibility. The weigh conveyors can be combined with several different applications to suit many different products and environments, such as; Metal Detection, Vision and Label application combi's.


Metal Detectors

The Dynamic range of  metal detector are designed for the harshest conditions. Constructed in Stainless Steel to suit wash down environments and rugged in design to eliminate electrical noise and physical vibration. The search heads are custom built to suit each customers exact requirement to ensure the best level of detection. Conveyor designs can be developed to suit the customers specification however, many standard versions are available that can be selected to fit the application. Custom inspection projects are welcomed as the Dynamic Team engineer specials regularly for various industries to complement their standard solutions. Dynamic have a full production facility which includes a projects, drafting, fabrication and engineering department in the NZ manufacturing plant.

X-Ray Inspection

Our X-ray inspection systems have proven to be durable, reliable and have provided unsurpassed quality control in many countries around the world, even on high speed production lines. Xavis are continually investing in and researching the latest technologies to enhance reliability in our products to increase the quality that we provide to our customers. Undesired foreign bodies in food, pharmaceutical or other non-food products represent a big problem. Xavis X-ray systems are  particularly  suitable  for detecting  smaller contaminants in various product types such as,  packaged  food  or  non-food  products, for example in jars, boxes, plastic packaging and even metal foils  or  metal  cans.  Undesirable  contaminants  such  as  metal,  stone, ceramic,  glass  or  plastic  with  high  density  can  be  detected  in  the product. Xavis provide a wide range of X-ray systems including, Can Inspection, Dual Beam, Carton, Small Pack, Extra Wide Conveyor, Bulk Flow, Pipe Inspection, Eco  series and Mobile systems. Coupled with intuitive software and design features, there is a model to suit your exact application.

Metal Detectable Products

Every one of our METAL DETECTOR and X-RAY test pieces are colour coded for visual verification and are engraved with a unique certificate number.

The pressurised detecta-pen is suitable for cold, damp & greasy food production areas. The high quality stainless steel pressurised ink cartridge is designed to perform at a temperature range of -20°C to +5°C, features a 1mm ball point nib and has an average write out length of 8000 metres (EWIMA). It is ideal for use in freezer rooms & chilled processing areas. The pressurised ink cartridge means it can write continuously upside down, where other pens would fail. It can write underwater, on greasy surfaces, in freezing conditions and even in space.