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SSC 9200

Weighing scale · SSC 9200

Levelling scale for small packages of fruit and vegetables.

The levelling scale SSC 9200 optimises the giveaway by a dynamic weight limit control. The weights of the packed products are recorded and evaluated in the TopControl software.

The intuitive LED indicator integrated in the display facilitates a fast, accurate packaging of the products. This avoids overweight and consequently less product is given away in the packaging process. The high accuracy and speed of the scale and the ease of use enable significant savings.

Productivity is noticeably increased. The production process is traceable and analysable.

  • Recording of input batches and waste quantity
  • Profitmaximisation
  • ROI 3-12 month
  • Maximum productivity through intuitive LED display
  • Giveaway optimisation
  • Dynamic weight limit control
  • Packing according to WELMEC 6.4/e for pre-packed goods
  • Intuitive touch display with integrated LED display
  • Efficient working time recording through integrated transponder reade
  • Equalising or withdrawal weighing can be defined per article
  • Complete control and recording via the TopControl software


  • Sizes 250 x 250 mm 300 x 300 mm 350 x 350 mm 400 x 700 mm with roller conveyor
  • Power supply unit 24V
  • 10W
  • IP65
  • WLAN 2.4GHz
  • 3,2 inch display
  • DE - IT - EN - ES - CS - FR - SK