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C80 Metal Detector Combi


C80 Shark Metal Detector Combi

The C80 Combo integrates the Teltek Checkweigher with the highly renowned Cassel Multi-Frequency Metal Detector for even those difficult products or metalized film packs. High precision meets high speed. The unit is fully integrated as an inline inspection system.

It features a PC based Windows operating system with a large 15” multifunction touchscreen. The featured high specification touchscreen display is user friendly, giving maximum operator flexibility.

The unit is designed and manufactured to the highest engineering standard with reliability and longevity for use in tough, hostile environments. The transport system is a precision engineered C80 weigh platform guaranteeing weight stability, high accuracy and repeatability. The unit is made from stainless steel with IP65 protection. Conveyors are driven by virtually maintenance free brushless DC motors. The C80 weighing mechanism is easy to clean with quick release tool free belt release and incorporates an open designed stainless-steel corrosion free load cell guaranteeing longevity and trouble-free weighing.

A range of belt sizes and reject devices are available to suit customer’s specific needs including Air Blast, Pusher, Single or Double Flipper/Divert Arm and Drop Flap.

The C80 is feature packed with wide ranging Networking, Feedback and Communications capabilities, giving operators total control.

Reports can be saved locally or on the customers network computer in either Excel, CSV, XML or PDF format.


Cassel Shark 2 Advanced Multi-frequency Metal Detector
Integrated control change program from the Main Touch Screen Display
15 inch Touch screen optional Charts or large weight display
AQS Control or Minimum weight control of weight
BRC requirement and Supermarket specification
Flexible user interface with multi-functional display options
Fully able to communicate with other PC based Data Collection
On Board USB for Data collection in Excel or PDF to data drive
High Speed 500 packs/min
Remote Access to manufacturer
AQS complaint

Perfectly suited to the requirements of the food industry.

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  • computer-based, medium-sized checkweigher for 300 ppm speed combined with high accuracy
  • Industry leading Cassel – Shark II Metal Detector
  • Multi Frequency Metal Detector to suit the most difficult products
  • easy-to-use with settings for tare, nominal weight, upper and lower weight limits, TU2 and conveyor speed
  • several belt dimensions avilable, customized to your needs
  • stainless steel, IP66 with conveyors driven by maintenance free brushless DC motors
  • MID homologation, CE certfication
  • several reject devices including Air Blast, Pusher, Single or Double Flipper/Divert Arm and Drop Flap


Metal detector METAL SHARK® BD detects smallest magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants (iron, stainless steel, aluminium etc.) precisely and reliably even under difficult conditions. The robust, closed stainless steel housing is easy to clean, the display provides easy to use menus.

The Teltek C60 function keys are integrated into the simple to use 15” VGA display, which eliminates the need of an external keyboard. The high contrast, color screen shows weighing results and charts of individual and average weights as well as information on the products being processed. Product changes and alterations in product details can be made quickly and easily with a minimum of downtime.

C80 Combi Specifications

  • Teltek C80
  • 15 – 2,500 g or 15 – 6,000 g
  • ≥ 0.2 g
  • 300 ppm max., depending on product size
  • Teltek C
  • 15” VGA display
  • memory for up to 250 products, settings for tare, nominal weight, upper and lower weight limits
  • Stainless steel IP66 or stainless steel + aluminium
  • 110/230 VAC, 50/60
  • all checkweighers built to customers specifications

Metal Shark Specifications

  • Digital signal processor, digital frequency generation, digital balance control, automatic calibration, digital noise filters, integrated flexible control functions
  • 2 analogue 0…10 VDC (option: 4-20 mA) 8 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. for encoders, product recognition, buttons
  • 2 potential-free changeover contacts: “Error” and “Metal” 8 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. solenoid valve, optical/acoustic alarm
  • High-frequency magnetic field, multi-channel operation, balanced receiver coils
  • Iron, non-ferrous (e.g. aluminium, lead etc.) and stainless steel, Fe 0.5mm / Nfe 0.6mm / Ss 0.8mm *depending on product and aperture size.
  • memory for up to 250 products, TeachAssistant
  • IP 65, optional IP66 or IP67
  • standard: -10° C bis +40° C, rel. humidity 30% bto 80% (non-condensing option: to -40° C or +55° C
  • standard: -30° C to +40° C, option: -40° C to +60° C
  • 1 phase 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 20 W typ. (60 W max.)
  • RS232, LAN (optional, for SHARKNET), USB (optional)
  • Maintenance-free, sensors calibrate themselves
  • integrated diagnostic software, automatic self-test

Further information for download:

Additional information can be found in the data sheet which is available here for download as PDF.