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CWT 1000 Checkweigher



The CWT1000 guarantees the optimization of the packaging process and highly accurate weighing results, while minimizing giveaway and maximizing productvity. If the weight of the punnet is outside the weight limits, i.e. overweight or underweight, the CWT1000 enables automatic separation of the packaging by means of a turnout system.

Out-of-tolerance packages are then weighed on a second scale to the previously defined target weight and reintro-duced into the packaging process. Weight control of the defined fill quantities is precise, cost-saving and fast – with up to 60 packages per minute.


Download Data Sheet for Checkweigher CWT 1000


  • Maximum productivity
  • ROI within 3-12 months
  • Optimized packaging process with ergonomic integration into the packaging line
  • Automatic weight control
  • Selective weighing of packages over weight limits
  • Ergonomic integration into the packaging line
  • Intuitive touch display
  • Optimal integration in the software StatisticsWeights and FruitManager for data registration and analysis


  • CWT 1000
  • 6kg / 2g
  • 1.900mm
  • LCD Touch
  • Trays (L x W): 220 mm x 120 mm (10% removed) – 60 trays/min Colour LCD touch display 7 inch
  • Ethernet 10 Base T, TCP/IP, RS 232, RS 422
  • IP65
  • 850 mm to 910 mm Optional: - 980 mm to 1,030 mm - 1,000 mm to 1,050 mm
  • compact and modular structure in stainless steel

Further information for download:

Further information can be found in the data sheet which is available here for download as PDF.