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METAL SHARK® 2A Hygienic Design


METAL SHARK® 2A hygienic design

  • Top detection performance with 4-quadrant technology
  • Intuitive control and easy installation with autocalibration and Teach Assistant
  • User-friendliness: illuminated 5.4 inch colour display, simple menu navigation and clearly arranged graphics
  • Reporting according to IFS5 and HACCP standard
  • Enclosure solution tailored to the requirements of the food industry: roof angled forwards by 30°, seal dyed blue to clearly distinguish it from foodstuff, prepared for wall mounting, protection category IP66/NEMA 4X

Download Data sheet METAL SHARK® controller (PDF 498 KB)


  • Maximum detection performance with highest reliability in the entire detection area due to 4-quadrant technology
  • Simple setup with TeachAssistant
  • Storage spaces for up to 250 products
  • Easy to use with intuitive and multilingual menus
  • 4-level password system, automatic log out after time lapse
  • Documentation of all events and metal messages
  • IFS and HACCP reports available on the display at the touch of a button
  • Optional: Data transfer to USB interface or connection to the company network via SHARKNET® software
  • Cyclical function monitoring with Performance Validation System (PVS)


The SHARK® 2A hygienic design control unit can be combined with allmost all CASSEL METAL SHARK® sensors. It can be mounted directly on the detector/sensor or remotely on a wall.

A 5.4 inch colour display provides access to all important functions: Product list, test function, teach-in, optimizati-on, menu. The clear layout and easy-to-understand in-structions in several languages make it particularly easy to teach the device to different products and to monitor production later on.

The SHARK 2A unit can be combined with the METAL SHARK® sensor heads:  BD, GF, TU, IN Liquid, R and FL.


  • digital signal processor, noise filter, digital balance control, digital frequency control, PowerDrive circuit, suitable for multifrequency sensors.
  • 8 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. for reject confirmation
  • 2 potential-free: “Error” and “Metal 8 freely configurable 24 V DC signals, e.g. for optic/acoustic alarm
  • inductive, multi channel operation, balanced receiver coils
  • ferrous, non-ferrous (e.g. aluminium or copper) und stainless steel
  • 250 storage spaces, automatic product compensation with Teach-Assistant
  • IP 66/NEMA 4X
  • -10° C up to +40° C, rel. humidity 30% up to 80% (non-condensing)
  • one phase 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, typ. consumption 20 W (max. 60 W)
  • RS232, provides documentation according to HACCP- and IFS-standard, USB- or ethernet option
  • one phase 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, typ. consumption 20 W (max. 60 W)
  • maintenance-free, selfcalibrating sensors
  • integrated diagnostic software, automatic self-test
  • 100% stainless steel, 1.4301 (AISI304), roof angled forwards by 30°, seal dyed blue to clearly distinguish it from foodstuffs, prepared for wall mounting
  • 390 x 430 x 210 mm

3D Detection

All SHARK® 2A control units are prepared for 3D detection. The established 4-quadrant technology is supplemented by multi-phase measuring and signal amplification factors of the MultiPhase and BOOST FACTOR technologies: These generate 3-dimensional signal models of the signatures of your products – as unique as a fingerprint.

The METAL SHARK® with 3D detection can handle frozen or heated products, changing product orientations or temperatures as well as cooled, heated or humid environments without any problems. For this function an additional light barrier in front of the sensor is required.

Delivery Scope

  • Controller METAL SHARK® 2A
  • Steinless steel housing in special “hygienic design”, monting on detector or wall possible


This contoller unit with hygienic design is perfectly adapted to the requirements of daily cleaning and very humid environments. It can be combined with

  • METAL SHARK® IN Liquid

Further information for download:

Further information can be found in the data sheet which is available here for download as PDF.