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OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions design , manufacture, and service product inspection equipment for various industries such as; food, packaging, pharmaceutical and the logistics sectors. With over 25 years of experience working with industrial customers and partnering with global leaders in inspection technology, OFI provide our customers the best value for their investment.

Our product inspection systems in most cases are designed specifically to suit the customers exact requirement whilst maintaining core flexibility in both mechanical and software design to allow additional customisation. This ensures our customers maximise their return on investment for many years to follow.

We offer a wide range of standard weighing and inspection systems such as weighing scales , inline checkweighers , metal detectors and X-ray inspection , however our core strength is our ability to offer complete customised solutions to help our customers manage a range of tasks throughout their entire production process.

At OFI we provide comprehensive 24/7 after-sales support for our Australian-made product inspection equipment. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures minimal downtime and optimal equipment performance. Our skilled technicians promptly diagnose and repair equipment malfunctions or breakdowns, minimizing downtime and restoring operations quickly. Precise calibration services guarantee accurate detection of contaminants, weight measurements, and other inspection functions.

To maximize equipment effectiveness, we offer training programs to ensure your personnel are proficient in operating and maintaining our product inspection equipment. Our experienced technicians provide guidance on equipment settings, best practices, and industry-specific requirements for thorough and efficient inspections.


With offices and full workshop facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane , and service personnel in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth, we support our national customer base. Our 24/7 after-sales support underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and ensuring a seamless production line. Count on OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions for prompt and expert assistance whenever you need it.