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21 Jul, 2020

5 Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing A Metal Detector


5 Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing A Metal Detector For Your Business

Having the right inspection equipment in place is essential in protecting your product and customer. Metal Detectors are an investment in your customer’s health and safety and your product’s integrity.

Here at OFI, we are experienced Weigh & Inspection specialists who understand the importance of choosing a correct detection system that is right for your business’s needs. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when investing in your next Metal Detection system;

  1. Putting Cost Before Quality

As a business owner, finding cost-effective solutions is always a priority. It’s critical to remember however, that the true cost of purchasing a poorly manufactured metal detector far outweighs the initial price paid for the unit. In our experience, a high-quality metal detector can perform reliably in some production lines for over 20 years.

Budget metal detectors rarely have the durability to function without interference and could impact your business;

  • Costly recalls
  • Inability to run 24/7 without false rejects as required
  • Damage to brand reputation
  • Replacement costs
  • Purchasing A Second Hand Metal Detector

Second-hand metal detector systems commonly suffer from reliability and performance issues. Additionally, more often than not, second-hand detection solutions are not designed for a business’s application or product.

  • Lack Of Service Support

Many packing machine suppliers offer metal detection system as part of a line installation without sufficient inspection solution knowledge to deliver long-term support. If critical components fail, in many cases, the purchaser cannot obtain parts for the suppler in time to prevent downtime on the line.

It is highly recommended to have a local, experienced technician available to offer your business continued maintenance support.

  • Installation, Commissioning & Training

Machine set-up and optimisation is essential in ensuring reliability and performance. Poor installation practices can lead to an increase in false rejects, resulting in downtime or even removal of the machine altogether. This will cost your business valuable time and money.

It is critical that the product profiles for the detection of foreign materials are set-up correctly and that the operational staff are trained by experts.

OFI are trained experts in metal detection and offer comprehensive installation and commissioning services. We also offer both onsite and offsite customer training.

  • Understanding your Product

It’s integral to understand as much as you can about your product and any limiting factors it may have on the metal detector. This will make achieving your detection goals more probable. We recommend testing your product on a prospective machine to ensure that the ‘best estimates’ of the supplier is sufficient enough to meet your requirements.

Here at OFI, we can guarantee results and have a demonstration area to test your products on our machines whether it be, metal detection, checkweighers or x-ray inspection.

Here at OFI, our factory-trained, inspection specialists work to uphold our quality guarantee. This ensures that your metal detection system will be flourishing long into the future. For customisable, reliable inspection systems that are built to last the distance.